why women and children?

by gracejack

Ladies and gentlemen, I have gathered you here today to discuss a matter of utmost importance, to ask the question we have all been dying to ask: why women and children first? This absurd “code of conduct” originated in the 1850’s on a sinking ship, but you have likely heard it in reference to the lil dip the Titanic took in 1912. What if I told you this silly “code of conduct” still exists today? What if I told you women and children get to board planes first, that they get to enter doorways first, and that only the woman and the child’s lives are prioritized during childbirth? This is no conspiracy. This is a real systemic issue that began with the baseless claim that we must preserve women and children’s lives in times of peril. In this essay, I will discuss the de jure discrimination of men as a result of prioritizing women and children as well as refute the idea that they are crucial members of society.

It would be implausible to assume that the devaluation of male lives is rooted in the splash of the RMS Titanic, but for the sake of argument, I am going to assume just that. From that point on, men have become mere puppets to the American socialist autocracy in regard to labor and their livelihood. For example, child labor laws “ensure that the work is safe and does not jeopardize their health,” and women have 8 or more laws providing them with benefits in the workplace, like equal protection and whatnot. Meanwhile, men make up 89% of US construction workers and 20% of worker deaths in the United States are in construction! It could not be more obvious that the lives of men in today’s society are an afterthought. Through the de jure bolstering of women and children’s “rights” men have suffered great losses.

Society has suffered great losses from this as well by prioritizing the inferior dwellers of Earth. Don’t get me wrong, I am a feminist, but the truth is that women and children’s brains and bodies are smaller and weaker. Why would we preserve the livelihood of the small-brained, frail members of society? Why would we promote the health and prosperity of the individuals that have no impact on the welfare of the world? It’s not like women and children hold any political office or do anything besides write poorly, drive poorly, and cook poorly.

So I ask the question again: why women and children first? Not only does putting their lives first hold no scientific reasoning, but it directly impacts the livelihood of men. Women are marching through the streets claiming the system diminishes their basic human rights. Children are complaining that their school could be attacked any day. Well you know what I say to all that? Try being a man.

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