we got squirrels

by owencarpenter-zehe The running theory in my house is that squirrels are living happily in the walls. Yes, squirrels. The cute woodland creatures have nested deep within the Victorian-era walls of our decrepit Burlington apartment. There is currently only circumstantial… Read More ›


by mattmcgotty “She got her masters in cuntology with a concentration in motherlogical studies from the university of servington.” As I stare at the Beyonce photo, entranced, I can’t help but be distracted by the outrageous caption looming over her… Read More ›

zoe 180

by XjerseymamasX Faithful readers of the Water Tower may remember my brave coming out as a hey mamas lesbian on page 8 last spring. This coming out was marked with character development such as an eyebrow slit, overworn polo shirt,… Read More ›