vol 25

where are they now?

By wtseniors After spending years generously entertaining the UVM masses, the senior class of 2022 is departing from the water tower and entertaining new audiences, opportunities, and endeavors. We built a time machine last weekend to interview our future selves. … Read More ›

I miss joni mitchell

by sophiewolfe Ya’ll ever wish you had a river? You know, to skate away on? Yeah. That’s what I thought. You’re weeping just thinking about Joni Mitchell’s legendary monochromatic album Blue, which was removed, along with most of her catalog,… Read More ›

the case against birds

By ilovelargewindowsandotherreflectivesurfaces99 I’m sure many of us have heard about the Birds Aren’t Real “Conspiracy Theory”. FFS the Times has written a piece about it. The creator was interviewed on the Daily. We can all get a laugh from the… Read More ›