hozier’s live stream is a religious experience

by annikaringen

Friday, March 28 Andrew Hozier-Byrne (or as he’s known to his many adoring disciples: Hozier) performed a series of acoustic covers over an Instagram live stream. The Irish singer/songwriter and overall god amongst men sanctified us with audible righteousness on behalf of promoting the ISPCC Childline. While I’ve never been particularly spiritual, the recital moved me in a way only a serenade from an Irish deity can.

In spite of religious gatherings being discouraged to practice social distancing, I can say with certainty that Hozier’s performance for the ISPCC Childline supplements (if not exceeds) the enlightenment normally bestowed by a religious service. In an acoustic covering of some of his most blissful and beloved pieces, Hozier plucks the strings of his guitar like a diapered angel baby would a harp and sings with a voice that delivers blessings to you like the divine messenger he is.

If it’s not enough that he sounds like a spirit guide personally escorting you to Nirvana, the content of Hozier’s music is as heavenly as the melody by which it is sung. Lyrically composed of various religious allusions, Hozier’s songs are practically hymns, except more catchy. 

It’s also worth mentioning that @WeRateDogs was one of many admiring supporters who tuned in. If you’re unfamiliar with the account, @WeRateDogs is exactly what it sounds like: a platform that gives complementary and wholesome reviews of dogs. They shared their love for Hozier’s virtual concert and advocacy for the ISPCC Childline, creating a trinity amongst the purest forces in the universe: acoustic music, child protection, and dogs.

Need more proof that Hozier is a celestial being in the shape of a hippie guitarist? Perhaps the most convincing evidence is his very reason for performing: Hozier bestowed upon us his sweet music to promote the ISPCC Childline, a charity that provides protective services for children in Ireland. During a time where people everywhere are staying home in efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, children in harmful living situations need support now more than ever. The live stream, or should I say transcendence into euphoria, gave exposure to the cause, explained how one can contribute to the ISPCC Childline, and instilled a general sense of hope amongst listeners. This act of benevolence not only promotes a crucial organization but also further affirms Hozier’s saintliness.

Hearing Hozier perform over an Instagram live stream can only be described as biblical (and I say it can only be described as that because I’m running out of other religious phrases to use). If you missed it, a recording is available on YouTube so that you can rejoice in sanctification at your leisure; everyone deserves a little hope in a time when it is this hard to come by, find it however you can. I found it in a thirty minute recital of bluesy indie rock covers for a good cause. Through Hozier’s music and humanitarianism I was removed from my dank living room and transported to a small chapel overlooking a rocky cliff where the water of the Irish sea cleansed me of my sins; to make a long, wordy metaphor short, it took me to church.

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