ben duhamel

where are they now?

By wtseniors After spending years generously entertaining the UVM masses, the senior class of 2022 is departing from the water tower and entertaining new audiences, opportunities, and endeavors. We built a time machine last weekend to interview our future selves. … Read More ›

dune doone right?

by godemperorbenduhamel Dune is a story of two driving forces: humans, the decisions they make and the ramifications of those decisions, and big worms. I can confidently say that Denis Villenueve’s 2021 film adaptation Dune remains true to the book… Read More ›

microwave my nuts

by benduhamel Let’s find out. Here at the water tower we resurrect yourfavorite bits of late 2000s nostalgia because nobody likes deadnostalgia. Today, we’re gonna be digging up the (semi-)popularyoutube series “Is it a good idea to microwave this” byJogWheel…. Read More ›