nov 14

mid-semester slump

by maliajaffrani   It is finally November. Happy semi-annual mid-semester slump! We have reached the time of year when 8:30 classes have become impossible, and 10:30s are pushing it. Don’t even get me started on 3:30 and 4:45 classes–those don’t… Read More ›

news in brief

Daylight Savings Time: Time to Boycott Americans are angry and, like, so, so sad after the seasonal loss of daylight, resulting in a nationwide boycott of the time change. “We’re supposedly ‘saving daylight,’ but there are so many more normal… Read More ›

we got squirrels

by owencarpenter-zehe The running theory in my house is that squirrels are living happily in the walls. Yes, squirrels. The cute woodland creatures have nested deep within the Victorian-era walls of our decrepit Burlington apartment. There is currently only circumstantial… Read More ›