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bird facts

by b.s. There are five types of birds: black, red, blue, yellow, brown Birds only eat worms Some birds don’t fly because they drive instead Birds can live all over the world: in parking lots, in your house Seagulls are… Read More ›

which bowl are you?

by zoewilson As an appreciator of art, one of my favorite online window shopping activities is scrolling through the endless options under the Etsy keywords, “unique bowl weed”. Take this quiz to find out which goofy piece of glassware embodies… Read More ›

ramen edibles

by matts Hey, kids! Do you love edibles but hate the complicated process of actually making them? Wishyou could easily experience euphoria at 2 AM in the comfort of your dorm room? I know I do!Our next recipe combines the… Read More ›

the ipad kid

by d.orkin The room was bathed in the golden sunlight of Sunday morning. The pancake house was filled with the crowd of the weekend, mostly hungover from a vibrant Saturday night. There was a pungent coffee and sugar scent wafting… Read More ›