November 17, 2020


By concernedcitizen The University of Vermont has come under attack, virtually. No, it’s not that Suresh is facing an endless wave of cyber-bullying (although someone should totally start that), but rather that the UVM Health Network’s online systems have become… Read More ›

the musktrix

by savinobarile Galactic entrepreneur, lactose intolerant, and owner of the world’s most confusing accent, Elon Musk is a jack of all trades. Although his resume is comprised of such feats as the acceleration of private spaceflight, putting electric cars in… Read More ›

microwave my nuts

by benduhamel Let’s find out. Here at the water tower we resurrect yourfavorite bits of late 2000s nostalgia because nobody likes deadnostalgia. Today, we’re gonna be digging up the (semi-)popularyoutube series “Is it a good idea to microwave this” byJogWheel…. Read More ›