may 4th 2021

us and nk’s steamy snaps

by CIAinformantnumberone A few hours ago, the infamous hacker group “Anom-on-my-nuts” released CIA transcripts of diplomat discourse between the US and North Korea. The documents were classified as “nuclear negotiations” however the correspondence seems to be entirely between former president… Read More ›

interview with a furry

by emmaburns Furries. They live among us as coworkers, friends, maybe even family. They thrive in online communities and absolutely ruin some of your favorite childhood TV shows with their sexualization of animals. But yet we know so little about… Read More ›

real(ly) fake excuses

by wtstaff Some of these fake-sounding excuses are real, some of them are really fake. All of these explanations were sad excuses for an excuse. Each of these outlandish tales creates its own special anxieties for the unexpecting excuse-receiver. As… Read More ›