April 20th 2021

a 4/20 carol

by: charliedickens-zeemouf 04/20/20 at UVM was dead due to covid: to begin with. There is no doubt whatsoever about that. Dead all the same is 04/20/21 on the Redstone Green, and there’s hardly a thing we can do to save… Read More ›

wdw is disney

by b.s. I first discovered the Redstone campus in the fall of 2020 after getting moderately high in the pines and accidentally going the wrong way home. I stumbled out of the dark onto the beautiful brick city that is… Read More ›

jeanne mance is high

by addisonschwarz Jeanne Mance. A perfectly average name for a building that was never meant to be known to the vast populous. Unfortunately, the behemoth has been shoved into the limelight this past academic year. In it’s conversion to an… Read More ›

blazing through umall

by herbash There are few structures left in this world that can provide a truly life-changing experience for the person who visits. The Vatican, Machu Picchu, The UVM ROTC Building, but none of these triumphs of human accomplishment can compare… Read More ›