october 6, 2020

Your PANTS pants

by michaelhaydon     People will often tell you, whether or not you care to listen, about how taking mushrooms “changed their life.” Especially here, at The University of Vermont of all places. I plan to do the same.      Picture… Read More ›

i crave rat

by moiramahoney I want a rat. I’ve wanted a rat for weeks. That’s my deep dark confession. And when your loneliness and depression manifest in wanting a small rodent to hold, you begin to shamefully stalk rat-focused accounts on Tiktok…. Read More ›


by grantwoods  I’ve had my face for more than nineteen years. My face has been in contact with oxygen for nineteen years and two months (nineteen years and eleven months if contact with my mother’s innards is included). Obviously, it’s… Read More ›