would you rather? (impossible edition)

by abdomen


Would you rather never pet a dog again or never get married? 


Would you rather be a gay republican or a “fiscally conservative socially liberal” democrat? 


Would you rather be stuck on a stranded island with Ted Cruz or Millie Bobby Brown? 


Would you rather take organic chemistry every semester in college or have to try to do well on the SAT every year until you die? 


Would you rather be on a finance-bro podcast or a furry podcast?


Would you rather be Freaky Friday’ed or Groundhog Day’ed? 


Would you rather be high constantly or never get impaired again? 


Would you rather live alone in like a closet or live in a mansion that’s haunted by a demon? 


Would you rather kiss your dad’s body with a different mind or a random body with your dad’s mind? 


Would you or rather?

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