by mattmcgotty

“She got her masters in cuntology with a concentration in motherlogical studies from the university of servington.”

As I stare at the Beyonce photo, entranced, I can’t help but be distracted by the outrageous caption looming over her photo. In fact, ‘Cunt’ has been just another word tossed around by the average Gen Z’er. And we’re talking high waisted jeans appropriated AirForce 1’s average, people. But speaking of appropriation, it seems to be the common trend only exacerbated by the speed of the internet. Slang hardly lasting longer than 6 months until the next cherry-picked nothing word; such turnover rates rival cafes that almost exclusively employ college students. But you know the old adage about slang. From black women to gay men to white women.

That is, of course where the origins of cunt appear as a form of endearment. That in of itself is an entire herstory lesson that would not suffice the limited scope of a paper that the school merely considers a “club.” But what other “clubs” allow you to write about kuntz (specifically that spelling, might I add) in a genuine, printed paper. 

What truly matters is the origins of this cunty ass word. Essentially, many trans women in the ballroom scene use it to acknowledge someone exhibiting a particularly overwhelming level of pussy. An undeniable ferocity of the feminine degree that one couldn’t help but clock as cuntiness! 

by bemmy

Personally, I’ve heard this word used on women who relish in the word and all of its complicated meanings to truly be affected by it. Although honestly, growing up from considering cunt to be “off limits” to a word I use to describe literally every villain of Sailor Moon is some progress, I think. And although we as a collective are gradually desenstizing this word, I also fear the pendulum has someone swung the other way. Now, the casualty in which we dole out cunts to any she/her in the process of she/hering. 

Frankly, it’s a little ridiculous to see people, particularly those bedevelled homosexuals, wear out new words like new toys. Slang admittedly has this addictive like quality to it. People so unengaged with their own feelings, the promise of something novel, anything to spice up cute, gorg, perfection, loml, lesbian fat-lipped lover, etc. But with great words comes great responsibility. As our world globalizes more and more each day, there is another responsibility to understand the history of where words come from. You would think people would understand that by merely hearing the word cunt. Yet leave it to Gen Z’es to say cunt like they’re playing a drinking game that makes you drink every time you say cunt (That’s three shots in this paragraph alone). 

Above all, I’m somewhat grateful that some girls can grow up without that word looming over their head. Truly anyone could weaponize cunt in an attempt to hurt someone, but it’s almost a relief to think of people who find humor in calling themselves the words of their oppressors before they’re able to do so. I don’t believe words will ever be meaningless letters strung together without meaning; but even in spite of the history of a word, most if not all are susceptible to change as a new generation receives them. So who knows if we’ll even be serving cunt in 3000, but I’m glad to be one of many who have been giving it a different life for years. 

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