the evil fanta… it calls me…

by paigemann

I, like many of you I’m sure, was entranced by the new spooky flavor in the Central Dining Coca-Cola freestyle soda machine this halloween season. I was reluctant to try the new zero sugar mystery flavor soda due to its dark color that all but out right promised to turn your mouth a deep shade of purple, but, needing a fun beverage for my second lunch chat session, I elected to sample the new spooky soda. Initially I enjoyed the potion of Carbonated water, Citric acid, Natural flavor, Caramel color, Sodium citrate, Malic acid, Potassium benzoate, Sucralose, Acesulfame potassium, Red 40, and Blue 1, but as I drank more I could not decipher the flavor. I believed the flavor to be a combination of grape-y citrus-ness, but with every sip the flavor profile developed. With some sips the orange flavor disappeared, while in others it was all I could taste. 

Now I sit here wondering how Fanta could make such a complex flavor profile and how it was gracing my mouth in the hallowed halls of the Central Dining facility. I also wonder how it could have such an effect on me. 

My search for what the flavor is has been tireless, I have looked at every possible credible website from The New York post to 9 News Atlanta. Not a single conclusive answer, finding out what this flavor is has been on the top of my to-do list since it first graced my tastebuds. 

Every waking moment I spend has been trying to figure out what this flavor is, so I will be able to rest. Currently I have come to the conclusion that the flavor can only be described as Evil… Evil for what it has done to me and for how it has put me through such turmoil to decipher it. As well I have also concluded that the flavor is so indecipherable due to the fact that it is a flavor that has never been created before and must be the product of hundreds of hours of time experimenting. Fanta which is a product of the Coca-Cola Company has all the money of the Coca-Cola fortune to create a new flavor. 

And all I can say now is #whatthefanta…I have some questions for those on the Fanta executive board that I hope they will be able to answer. How could you have concocted such an evil potion that has had such an effect on me? When will you tell me the flavor of your beverage? Am I the only one who is so entranced by the mystery of your uncanny, unearthly soda? If you have any information on the official flavor, please don’t hesitate to call 1(800)WT-FANTA. I will not rest until I have solved the mystery of the evil Fanta. 

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