le boucanier

by JE

(A pirate pissed, yet passionate about Pirates of The Caribbean )


Nobody could understand

This rusty hook that shapes my hand,

Before vampires and bedsheet ghosts took over this land

I was the original, you understand,

The Born Halloween plan


Now Johnny Depp wears my shoes

My ship, my hair, the glamourous ruse

Treasures and eerie frights and views

The crew and I, now wasted fools

Alone with wine and candy, we choose

Watching this movie, now a nostalgic muse


Though I’m greedy, I’m a sentimental guy

I can’t help but question, wonder, then sigh,

Why have I become the forgotten 

This Dutchman in the sky?

C’est la vie, with a tear in my eye


Trends change, nothing more

I guess sexism and dirty ships aren’t cool anymore

so what’s left, but tales of folklore?

And temporary tattoos, plastic skeletons in stores

At least I have my mates and the creaky old floors

and I can’t forget my girls, 

I adore you whores

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