horsegiirl’s boiler room set

by catquest and kaysheeger

Last winter break, Cathy decided that she had enough of her quaint New Jersey town in search of brighter pastures (Kay’s apartment in NYC). Though the intention of the trip may have been to celebrate the new year, we had no idea that this trip to the city would introduce us to the most promising upcoming DJ, who would bring us right back to the farm. Though we had known of horsegiirl’s smash hit “My Barn my Rules,” we only realized her full genius when we opened her Berlin Boiler Room set. Never before did we think we could walk, trot, lope, or gallop the way we did that night.

Horsegiirl starts out strong with what is arguably one of her songs. “Pegasus” is an excellent display of her songs’ greatest qualities: bubbly beats, whimsical lyrics, and, as always, the overarching theme of how wonderful it is to be a horse. This is an idea which surrounds literally all of horse giirl’s music, the simple yet beautiful reality of horse living. You may be wondering at this point- is she a furry? Unclear. Maybe you should spend less time worrying about whether she is a fake horse and instead consider that Horsegiirl succeeds at capturing the clopping of hooves, the joy of the open field, and the crisp bite of a hay bale. 

by kay sheeger

Though this set is unquestionably filled with banger after banger (including a 100 gecs remix: the the sign of a truly brilliant DJ), the best moment by far came halfway through the set. At this point, we had been sipping on our Kirkland seltzers (bought in bulk, of course) and, as is custom, had become familiar with the characters of the set. If you’re unfamiliar with the structure of boiler rooms, the whole concept surrounds the DJ being immersed in the crowd, meaning that the crowd becomes a part of the set. Well, long story short, we are gay… super gay. And one of the iconic crowd girlies flashed her titties midway through the set. Jaws were dropped to the ground, minds were melted, and the video was, inevitably, paused. Don’t ask how long it was paused for– that’s for us to know, and you to judge us for. 

There is much Halloween inspiration to be garnered through Horsegiirl (AKA Stella)’s self-expression. However, don’t forget: she’s a horse– NOT a DJ! Her fit is clearly an extension of her being (not a costume), but this should serve as a suggestion to go method with your costume this year– you’re a sexy cat, NOT a college student; you’re sexy Jeremy Allen White from The Bear, NOT a Sodexo employee; you’re sexy, NOT sleep-deprived! If you take one thing from this article: please watch the damn set. And be method with your personas (or fursonas) this halloween. Think of the barn, your equestrian friends, the joys of clomping around and eating hay… I guess just go as a horse. That’s the moral.

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