halloween hate mail (online exclusive)

Dear the person that destroyed my mailbox (by throwing a pumpkin at it),

I still mourn the loss of my mailbox, it’s been 5 years and I still mourn. You took mischief night into your own hands that fateful night of October 30th. You saw my perfect, beautiful mailbox and you sought to see it destroyed. You knew my road, where my mailbox layed was a steep downhill. You knew that if you went down that hill without pressing the brakes of your parents car that you could reach a speed of 50 miles per hour. And if you timed it right with your buddy in the passenger seat who held the 10 pound pumpkin, you could conquer your goal. Oh and how you conquered, you shattered my mailbox’s wooden post and bent the metal of the box so much it was unrecognizable. You broke my heart that night, ripped it right out of my chest. I loved that mailbox so much, is that why you did it?

Suffering from heartbreak,


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