it feels like the first time

by politicalfish

Music is such an important part of life, and we all have favorite songs. Songs that make us dance, songs to scream along to, songs that get us all up in our feels. There’s something special about listening to a song for the first time, and so today, dear WaterTower readers, I have a list for you of songs that I wish I could hear again for the first time. Check the songs out if you feel like it, and see if you have the same experience!

– Luv, PoliticalFish <3


“Sweet Dreams, TN” by The Last Shadow Puppets. This song is actually pretty new for me, but wow it took me out. The lyrics are pretty cool on their own, but the build to the end of the song and the belting of the last few lines takes your breath away. Bonus points for the live concert recordings, especially the one where Alex Turner is crawling and rolling around the stage floor. All time career best vocals right there.


“Finest Girl” by The Lonely Island. For those of you unfamiliar with The Lonely Island, they’re a really down to earth, earnest, soulful, trio formed in the 2000s. They’ve released a few albums, and actually made a movie in 2016! This song is from that movie, and the lyrical poetry rivals Shakespeare. “But, soft, what light through yonder window breaks? / It is the east, and Juliet is the sun” ??? That’s lame Shakespeare, compared to the imagery in this song. Try singing this song to a special someone you want to woo!


“Sticker” by NCT 127. This song is kind of alarming at first, I’m not going to lie. Even when I listen to it now, it still feels like the first time. But, I can truthfully say I’ve never heard anything like this song before. The combination of the beat and bass track, the vocals/rap, and the pan flute are perhaps one of the most unique combinations out there. 


“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. This one is kind of niche, but the lyrics are just really cool, ya know? I don’t think I can ever give this song up. It’ll never let me down. It’ll never make me cry. I’ll never have to say goodbye to this song.


“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Everyone knows this song, obviously, and it’s a great song, but can you remember the first time you heard the song? Does anyone you know remember the first time they heard this song?? Or, did you just suddenly one day know the song perfectly, in full??? There’s something going on here. A decades-long conspiracy. Someone is hiding something. Reach out to if you have a theory.


“Justice for All” by Donald J. Trump and the J6 Prison Choir. Nothing says chill vibes like former president Donald Trump speaking the Pledge of Allegiance while those arrested from the January 6th insurrection sing the National Anthem. It sounds like a lost recording recovered from when phonographs were still in use (aka the late 1800s), it sounds like it was recorded underwater, and it is the moment.


The entire Hamilton Soundtrack by the Cast of Hamilton. Admittedly this isn’t a single song, but imagine being able to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack for the first time again. No memories of your Hamilton phase lingering in the background, no already knowing the lyrics to all 2.5 hours of the musical. Being able to be surprised and in awe at how on Earth this managed to work as an idea instead of jaded as you listen to the soundtrack for the 749th time. 


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