blackbear sucks (or is it just a bit?)

by bemmy

everything means nothing by blackbear, released in August of 2020, is one of the worst albums I have ever listened to. But guys, if you listen to it as a satirical album it’s actually really funny. A satire piece on the state of internet alt-pop catered meticulously to the average 15 y/o girl if you will. Machinegunkelly-core, not in the sound of the music but in the intent behind it. Here are my favorite lines. 


“who’s all there? i’m pulling up with an emo chick that’s broken” –hot girl bummer

“you never cared about me, you just cared about the likes” –me & ur ghost

“i know it sucks being around me. so does life, don’t @ me don’t doubt me” –queen of broken hearts

“i swear to god you’re so good at making me feel bad. you’re like a college grad that majored in the art of fucking over everything we had.” –i feel bad

  • In the song i feel 2 much, the word “feel” is said 27 times.

“you made me wanna live laugh love, and now i wanna die” –i felt that

“i don’t wanna go home tonight all alone. i’m finna get a one way, mexico, yeah” –sobbing in cabo

“shoulda seen through the gap between her thighs” –half alive

“why we so depressed n shit?” –if i were u

“why are girls so hot? why are girls so cold? ” -why r girls?

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