online exclusive: this backyard is hospitable, and so is mistki (review)

by adenschovich 


Wind brushes through the trees and ripples over our skin as we cradle warm mugs in our hands. Autumn is crisp and creeping over us. Together, we sit knee to knee in our backyard, huddled over a glistening green bong. We breathe clouds into the air with every other obligation in life leaving with it, sitting in an undisturbed peace. All that exists is Us and, of course, Mitski. 


Between the trees, the dirt, the sneaking cat chattering at the birds, and the soft beat of Her voice surrounding the bubble of our backyard, together we combined our brains to give only the most raw review of Mitski’s new album, The Land is Inhospitable, and So Are We.


Bug Like an Angel  6/10

We began by acknowledging the apparent truth that we are the neighbors who blast Mitski at 4PM on a Saturday. It might be unconventional, maybe even a nuisance, but it’s the best way to listen to it. It’s a strong introduction to the album, but jarring at times.


Buffalo Replaced  7/10

We get our first taste of the western twang that’s laced through this album in the second song. We were split over the opening word; one of us liked Mitski singing “mosquito” and one of us really didn’t. 


Heaven  9.5/10

“Heaven” is aptly named. There’s a more clear twang to the music that pulls us into the theme of our inhospitable American land. 

This is the heroine’s ballad. She’s riding on a horse right now. 

She is storming. Ooh! It’s raining; it’s cloudy. She is fighting for her life on this fucking horse. 

She tells a story, and we are Listening. 


I Don’t Like My Mind  5/10

Lowest rating, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good! To us, it wasn’t remarkable. Singing about a whole cake made Addison laugh. 


The Deal  8.5/10

We both loved this song on the first listen, and this review only solidified our love for this song. It’s true Mitski. It was the first song on the album that left us shut the fuck up. She said sit and listen, and we said “okay!” 


When Memories Snow  7.5/10

We debated over this one a bit – unable to agree on the beauty of the slam poetry style of this song. 

But I think that’s such a strength of hers, the poetry. I really appreciate it for what it is. 

Oh, oh – yeah! No, that’s where you and I differ. I’m like “oh that’s cool! I don’t like it.” 


My Love, Mine all Mine  9.75/10

Incredible. Beautiful. Both of us sit awestruck.

This one is also like the most self love she’s ever shown. ALSO, could we note…“Shine it down here for ‘her’”… my queer queen.


The Frost  10/10

This one brings back the western twang in a big way, and man oh man are we here for it! At this particular moment in the album the sun had started to set, and the wind was rustling the drying leaves above us. It made us both emotional so it skyrocketed to the top of the list. 


Star  7/10

Another song of slight dispute. “Star” is true Mitski, but a little outside of the realm of this album.

It feels more out of place compared to the other songs. 

– It does feel more out of place, but sometimes I like when a song feels like a little break from the album. 


I’m Your Man  6.5/10

This is so Ottessa Moshfegh of her. The rhythm, the cold open, the despair! 

Lost all of the self love we were talking about a minute ago. Damn, girl. I promise, it will get better. 


I Love Me After You  10/10 ***as an outro

This one took some convincing. It’s an uncomfortable listen when not in context.

This is true outro music. This is what it feels like; everything summed up in one song. All of that emotion and theme into two verses! It’s artful. And that’s Mitski.

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