it is (was) hot

by zachmoss

The dawn of the 2023 – 2024 UVM School year has commenced, and thus we are reminded of all the things that spark adverse and frustrating conditions at school. Now that the excitement of coming back to school and reuniting with friends has subsided, we fall back into our daily routines of procrastination and inexplicably staying awake until two in the morning for no reason! This is different for everyone and that is what makes a new year so appealing. A fresh start, a clean slate, how refreshing. 


As with any good experiences that one reminisces on when it has passed, one often forgets the struggles that choose to make themselves very apparent when you return. To begin, the internet is back on its bullshit this year, and this time, the school recognized it. Finally, we are truly in a time of innovation and forward thinking (getting work done does require a stable wifi connection). The dining halls are flooded with new students navigating UVM’s fine dining facilities. Though, this was to be expected, and with minimal effort and a smidgen brain function, can be avoided.


Note: Understanding that the publication of this article will be during the beginning of Vermont’s transition into our regularly scheduled September weather, I thought I would reflect. 


One issue though, that has slapped everyone on campus in the face immediately has been the feverish climate. It really does not matter how far you travel. In my comprehensive research, I have set out to leave Howe and walk to the Davis Center and have somehow broken a sweat. Walking from central to athletic or redstone will all but guarantee sweat runoff that will plague your outfit. Unfortunately, this is not the worst of it. If you have been given the opportunity to have a class in Waterman 413, you have been graced by the UVM administration with some momentary bad luck. That room, with little exaggeration, is an sheer oven. Baking UVM students class by class as they make an attempt to absorb the information that is being forced down their throat.  Again mentioning that weather is soon to pass, these classes were tough. Sitting and stewing in sweat while trying to focus is a task attempted by the many, but only doable by the few. I was not one of those few and was watching the clock like a hawk, as the time seemingly remained stagnant. 


For me though, and most likely many other students, the heat, while highly adverse when in class, was the worst in the non air-conditioned dorms: Harris, Millis, Redstone, L & L, Converse, Trinity, and Jeanne Mance (lol). Simply existing in those buildings produced many feelings depending on the day: should I sleep on the floor tonight? Would it be more enjoyable to stand under running cold water for the rest of the night? Maybe I should go sleep in the UHS music room, or even lock myself in the bathroom there and throw down a pillow and sleeping bag. These options, while extreme, at one point seemed better than being hot. I hope you, the reader, fended better during this time. After enduring, weather like this will be the envy of all in just a few short months. 

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