the feels on the cat bus go round and round

by izzybee

blonde girl sits next to 

me and breaks up with her boy-

friend by text. poor Dave.


someone smells like weed

and patchouli. must’ve been 

a fun night for them.



how many crystals

is too many crystals? won’t

they just cancel out?


  1. touched someone’s pinky

while holding the hand rail. so…

are we to be wed?


bus driver blew a 

stop sign half a mile back.

can still feel the rush.


going to be late 

to my lit class today. ha.

that’s not very lit.



twelve people just got 

  1. but the boy still does not 

move his bag. asshole.



men wear ironic 

graphic tees now. miss when they

used to go to war. 

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