a bee sat on my eyelash for a good 5 seconds

by juliette

“Buzz,” said the bee that wanted to kiss my eyes 

On the second bus, down to Essex skies

Amidst the seats, after the sunrise

Though your presence was annoying, 

Our encounter was a surprise 


The tone of your wings,

a small yet frenetic sound

I didn’t move or flinch, I was spell-bound

And for a second, 

It felt like there was nothing else around

But the echo of passengers telling me to “calm down!”


Then, the big man with his phone

Screen to window, killed you, alone

Afraid of what your purpose could have shown 

So, why didn’t you sting me?

What do you know…


The memory of your adventure hasn’t left my mind 

Why did you stay there, 

What did you leave behind?

Oh Bee, with your black and yellow face

Buzzing around 

Left unfound

Sitting on my eyelash, with curiosity and grace. 

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