which bowl are you?

by zoewilson

As an appreciator of art, one of my favorite online window shopping activities is scrolling through the endless options under the Etsy keywords, “unique bowl weed”. Take this quiz to find out which goofy piece of glassware embodies YOU!

  1. You’re on a first date! What question/statement sums it up? (Posed by yourself)
    1. “What’s your major?…. Oh, cool!  And what are you gonna do with that?”
    2. “What is your birth time and place?”
    3. “Did you watch dan and phil?”
    4. “Wanna come over after this?”
    5. “Oh… shit. I forgot my wallet. Next time, fr.”
  2. Which hairstyle did you rock in middle school?
    1. Blonde highlights/bleached ends
    2. Waves from braiding when wet overnight OR red hair phase
    3. Ombre/unblended colored ends
    4. Always in a ponytail/bun
    5. None of these
  3. What was your go-to kid’s menu item?
    1. Grilled cheese
    2. Cheese quesadilla with a side of fruit
    3. Spaghetti and meatballs
    4. Chicken Tenders and Fries
    5. Corn Dog/Hot Dog
  4. Pick your favorite Caffeinated beverage:
    1. Clean Yerba/Iced Coffee
    2. Enlightenmint, Lemon Elation, Tropical Uprising Yerb/Kombucha
    3. Monster/Redbull/Revel Berry Yerb
    4. Bluephoria, Orange Exuberance, Any Sparkling Yerb/Sparking ICE (caffeine ones)
    5. Bang/Alani Nu/Don’t drink caffeine
  5. When was the last time you did your laundry?
    1. I do it every week with a smile!
    2. I just thrifted something and wore it without washing but I will wash it later I was just excited.
    3. Every other week or so I just have lots of clothes so I don’t need to
    4. Too long
    5. Idk i make my mom do it

Once you’ve finished the quiz, count up how many of your responses are “A”, “B”, “C”, and so on to get your results below:

Mostly “A”: THE BEE AND SUNFLOWER BOWL– You’re cutesy and fun! You probably have some sort of good-vibes-pink-and-yellow-print set on your wall you bought on amazon. Modern love urban corset.

Mostly “B”: THE CRYSTAL BOWL– Wow you wear a lot of jewleery! How much of it did you “borrow”? I love that shirt, is it thrifted? I love you though, rock on.

Mostly “C”: THE MINION BOWL– You painted Kermit on something in your bedroom when that was a tiktok trend. You’ve got most of the Hamilton soundtrack memorized. You are probably pretty funny though. 

Mostly “D”: THE HOTDOG BOWL– You are me. I want this item so bad. Go to bed. Have you tried doing anything productive before 11 pm? Ever? Take your multivitamins. 

Mostly “E”: THE GARY BONG– I’m actually so afraid of you. You definitely owned Team 10 merch. You probably have some sort of Rick and Morty decor now. You haven’t worn matching socks in a few weeks, but I don’t blame you for that.

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