ramen edibles

by matts

Hey, kids! Do you love edibles but hate the complicated process of actually making them? Wish
you could easily experience euphoria at 2 AM in the comfort of your dorm room? I know I do!
Our next recipe combines the satisfying high of UVM’s favorite pastime with the convenience of
the frugal student’s favorite meal, instant ramen. And yes, it’s as easy as it sounds! “Believe it!” 
You’ll only need a few things. First, of course, is your cannabutter, along with some regular
butter to balance it out. Next is your ramen. Prepare it as you would normally, but once it’s done
cooking in your sad dorm microwave, you’ll want to go ahead and strain your noodles. Go ahead
and throw away that flavor packet, too. All that sodium is gonna make this butter-and-pasta-
based dish extremely unhealthy. Instead, take out your butters and toss it in with your pasta and
mix well. As with all types of weed, remember to be careful with your weed butter dosage- It’s
never fun realizing you didn’t use enough. Use your normal butter for the rest once your dosage
is just right.
Now, the nice thing about this recipe is that it’s very versatile, so put whatever you want (or can
afford) on it for taste. Personally, I find that you can’t go wrong with some parmesan for a light
cheesy touch, or some pepper for a kick of spice. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add
more interesting toppings like garlic or chicken, or drops of lemon juice if you like shitty tasting
food. The sky’s the limit, so make sure to explore!

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