a friendship application playlist

by danalavender

If you were to stop me outside the Davis Center and ask me to name any song from Taylor Swift’s critically acclaimed Midnights, I would laugh before darting away faster than Ezra Miller on vacation. To put it simply – I have a very limited scope of music. Noah Kahan, The Lumineers, and The B-52’s are just a few of the bands I learned of last semester, not to mention hearing Fergalicious for the first time ever! So, yeah. I’m still growing as a person. Imagine that period when you grow your hair where it’s in that middle section and looks just ready for a Middle School Formal? Yeah. That’s my music taste. BUT there are some bangers to be found in there!! These are a list of some of my favorites, and even if they seem bizarre, try a few of them out! And if you do end up finding something you like… then please be friends with me? Please?

 I’m so lonely. I need friends. Please be my friend.

“Necromancin Dancin” – Bear Ghost: Fast-paced rock that’ll make you want to stomp your feet and reincarnate a horde of deadites!

“Polka Never Dies” – The Dreadnoughts: You know Weird Al? What if he did folk punk that could make you shit your pants?

“The Red Cavalry” – The Red Army Choir: While it seems to support Russian nationalism, the battle and dude commanding in it that this song is about lost so fucking hard, so it’s really funny lmaooo.

“The Queen of White Lies” – The Orion Experience: I listened to this disco song for a month straight til I found out the main singer was a groomer soo uhhhhh skip this one.

“Union Dixie” – Tennessee Ernie Ford: If you fly the Confederate Flag, suck my gock.

“Lone Star” – Tony Marcus: I like this song, ok!!! It’s a fun, reminiscent song of longing for a home that can never be found again!!!

“Gary Come Home” – The DNC:  The SpongeBob song but better??

“Gay Activity” – Clive Richardson: My roommate makes fun of me for this one 🙁

“Spin” – Spin: The whole ass album!! This is a 1976 Dutch Progressive Jazz album that is so underground that you can’t even use Apple Music to play it! You have to go on this sketchy website called ‘YouTube” OR you can find it at a local record shop for $40 but it’s ok because I had $10 store credit and $18 gift card so like it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine!! Anyways give it a listen if you like unique +  peppy instruments 🙂

“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da” – The Beatles: I’m a nerd! A gay little nerd!!

Lovin’ You (Lucky) – Lupin the Third Original Soundtrack: I’m a nerd! A bi little nerd!! 

“Pollyanna (From ‘MOTHER’)” – insaneintherainmusic: I’m a nerd! A sapphic little nerd!!

“Star Spangled Man” – Captain America: The First Avenger: The only American anthem I’ll stand for 07

All for the Best – Godspell (2011): If you even *think* of listening to the Original Broadway Recording I will smite you.

“Im dienste des sozialismus” – IFA Wartburg: My Midnights. Two Swedish guys pretending to be East German nationalists. It’s funky! It’s fresh! It’s German!!

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