lucy’s diary (leaked)

by pucylowell

Recently, I made the grave mistake of reading my old diary from middle and high school. For your entertainment purposes I have pulled a few quotes out that made me giggle:

“She came over and wanted to share a seat (she is not a lesbian)…” May 1, 2015

I am. This was a dig at myself.

“Every teen goes through a stage in their life where they don’t know who they really are. We all think about how that feels but you will never know the feeling until you experience it yourself. It’s like having a role and part in life and everyone knows that you are the funny outgoing friend but really you aren’t, you are living a lie.” May 1, 2015

This was deep. 

“My favorite song is “Loser like Me”, which is from Glee. That song really speaks to me. Bullies just want to be you and so they bring you down.” May 2, 2015

I actually support the movement of Bring Back Bullying. It builds character and 

i wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. 

“Today, I have realized that I want (no I need) to have that true love experience. Even though I’m twelve, I still want it now.” May 4, 2015

NO. NOOOO. NOOOO. I was reading TOO much Twight.

“But I’m not like [friends name] who’s goal for the year is to have a boyfriend, that’s sluty.” May 4, 2015

So aggressive and for what!

“They also said the girl who had sex, her boyfriend smokes weed! What the hell! That’s not legal!” May 7, 2015

The irony. 

“When I was watching Glee this morning I learned a very interesting life lesson/tip. If you ever feel sad, think of what your gonna miss if you kill yourself.” May 11, 2015

Clearly, the purpose of the show came through for me. 

“Except in gym class on Friday my gym clothes smelt really really and I mean really bad.” September 13, 2015

  I VIVIDLY remember this day!! A boy in my class told me I smelt!! Horrifying!

“So I saved up money to get a hoverboard but now I think I might spend the $200 on clothes.” November 11, 2015

I honestly relate to this now. 

“I am really happy, weirdly, because I got my period yesterday.” April 18, 2016

Ummm. Now this didn’t make sense. At this point in my life, I hadn’t even held hands

with someone.

From reading some excerpts of this old journal, I have learnt that I was in fact dramatic and ridiculously judgemental when I was in middle school. I also

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