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by virunvijay

If you’re anything like us, winter in Vermont can be overwhelming. The biting chill, icy sidewalks, and constant cloudy skies are enough to make any normal resident say “Oh man, I don’t really enjoy this.” But worst of all might be the age-old question – what to do? The unrelenting urge to solve boredom is ever-present when the outdoors want to eat you alive, especially when in college; which is why we have compiled this list of the best things to do as a college student in the big, bad Vermont winter.

10. Boiling Water Trick!

If it’s sub-zero temperatures, you can boil a pot of water and throw it outside, the results will blow your mind!

9. Write letters home!

Your family might miss you! Make sure you’re writing home at least once a week. Oh, unless you think you are too good for us them. That would really be a shame. Is it true? You don’t have to say.

8. Watch a Movie!

We’ve all got that one movie we can’t get enough of, or a movie we’ve been meaning to watch. Maybe it has a nostalgia factor, or you really like the actors in it, or something. A movie can be the perfect escape from college stress, especially in the midst of winter.

7. Stay Inside!

It’s chilly out there! Be careful! It’s not good for you to be outside for so long. It’s just not healthy. Stay inside please. I don’t mean to nag you. You’re on your own now. Just be careful!

6. Get a Haircut!

It’s getting too long, I can barely see your eyes!

5. Apply for a Job!

Winter is the perfect time to start building your resume! Plus, it would be great for the bank. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know. I know you have the time too. Just block out the time you normally use to go to parties. I’m joking! You haven’t been drinking at all, right? You can tell me if you have. No really! I won’t be mad, I promise. 

4. Build a Giant Snowman!

Vermont snow storms yield massive amounts of snow, so what better way to take advantage than to take to the snow banks with your best friends and try to reenact the doings of Dr. Frankenstein himself? You could make it really wide, tall, or simply voluminous. The possibilities are endless!

3. Your Homework!

You came to college for a reason! Make sure you maintain enough GPAs for a scholarship or whatever. When I was your age I used to be able to keep up my homework with seasonal depression, so why can’t you?

2. Make Hot Chocolate!

Oh, nothing. It’s just the best beverage on Earth. It tastes best with milk, but water’s fine if you’re in a crunch, ingredient-wise. Hot chocolate (aka. Hot Cocoa) on a cold winter night is one of humankind’s greatest sensations.

  1. Give your Parents a Call!

Seriously! It’s been quite a bit since we you last spoke, is there any reason? Are you just really caught up with the many twists and turns college life can offer? Are you bored of us them? I knew you’d say that. It’s fine. No really, it is.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this discussion article as much as we enjoyed making it. College winters can be quite the beast to slay, but we hope we’ve given you the tools necessary to do your thing this year! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be off doing nothing of your concern, because you’re apparently too cool for us now.

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