pov: 8 months in!

by lucy&emma

Congratulations are in order! Emma and I have been courting for 8 months! Recently, we were reminiscing on our favorite memories together. Some being cute dates like flower and pumpkin picking and some more embarrassing moments like getting walked in on by Emma’s lovely roommate. But probably our favoritest memory together was our very first kiss (aka kind of the first time either of us made a move). 

Timestamp: January 22, 2022 @ 8 or 9 pm

Location: Patterson dorm, room 305

Lucy’s POV: Pregame = my room. Best case scenario, I can get ready and chat with friends from my own bed. But out of nowhere, the girl I have had the phatest crush on {Emma} walks into our room to ask for a bottle opener. I nearly shit myself. I’m flustered, I’m blushing, she looks hot, I’m red in the face. This is not good. 

Emma’s POV: The party has no theme (score) so I put on my best pair of cargos and a button down, left undone of course to show off my Calvin Klein sports bra (gay).  My undercut is fresh and as I slick back my hair into its signature bun, I think to myself, “ahh yes the bisexual women of UVM are gonna lovvve this one.”  When my tall boy IPA runs out, my friend graciously offers a shitty bottle of wine, but the bottle opener is in 305, so I jaunt down the steps.  Immediately upon entering, I notice Lucy.  Keep in mind that I have found Lucy extremely attractive for months now, but didn’t know if she was fruity so I admired from a distance.  But damn, she looks good tonight. 

Timestamp: 10:30 / 11 pm

Location: PMD Basement (romantic)

Lucy’s POV: We have arrived. I am scared. There are so many people, but at least the music is popping off. And I’ve already spotted her, I keep catching myself sneaking quick glances at her. In hindsight these are probably not as quick as I thought but are more like longing stares. 

Emma’s POV: I do a lap around the basement, and notice a girl giving me eyes. One thing leads to the next and well, we end up swapping spit. I rejoin my friends, but soon another woman approaches me…I kiss her too. And they were roommates! 

Timestamp: 1:00 am 

Location: Still PMD

Lucy’s POV: Alrighty so my friends and I are starting to wrap up our night and our (sober) friend is on his way to get us. But something feels unfinished. There’s something I need to do. I was hoping for a moment (earlier in the night) to make a move on Emma, but I wasn’t able to get her alone. As the fear of leaving washes over me, I tell my friends “I’ll be right back” and I throw myself back down to the basement. I give myself one song to find Emma and confess my crush. Panic. I can’t find her. Just then a tall fella steps to the side and I see her infamous undercut. 

Emma’s POV: Out of nowhere, Lucy emerges, taps me on the shoulder, and says “I’m leaving.”  Caught off guard, I say, “okay…bye!”  Then, with no lead up, she grabs my face and kisses me square on the mouth! Don’t worry, I consent by readily kissing her back, but boy am I surprised.  After just a few seconds of passionate embrace, she pulls away, says bye through a blushed smile, and runs out of the crowd before I am able to get a word in.  

Timestamp: 1:03 am

Location: Walking out of PMD

Lucy’s POV: With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I shoot up the basement stairs while yelling, “I should’ve done that earlier!!” But she doesn’t hear me. The last thing I hear is Jack (Emma’s bestie) saying, “I saw what you did.” Ominous. 

Emma’s POV: I stand there, mouth gaping open and eyes wide as quarters, trying to process what just happened.  My two friends start shaking me, exclaiming “EMMA WTF!!” and “DUDE YOU JUST PULLED THE STRAIGHT ONE!!” (spoiler: Lucy is not straight). As I come to my senses, I yell out “whAAAAt” at least twice, and one of the homies daps me up.   

And the rest is history! Jk, Lucy got really scared and barely responded to Emma’s texts in the following weeks. After a few dates and hundreds of late night talks in the corridors of Patterson hall, we made it official and then the rest is history! 

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