peril in terill: found files

by politicalfish

The following message has been recovered from our ground team on Central Campus. It appears that the writer was investigating the Terrill building on campus.

….. but there’s one place I don’t really know. Terrill.

Terrill is the building attached to the Davis Center that just seems like a forbidden part of Davis that no one can get to. It was originally the economics building, but is now the home of the animal sciences department. Rumor has it that Terrill actually predates the Davis Center, but if I were asked to pick a side, I would believe my YikYak interviews telling me that “no, cause I asked my mom, cause she used to go here, and she told me that it just, like, popped up one day overnight, dude.” Nothing says ‘credible source’ like the eyewitness account of an absolutely baked UVM student from the 1980s.

There’s so much mystery surrounding Terrill that my roommate and I decided to take one for the team and visit this never-before explored building. After telling our families and friends we loved them, and to assume we’d met our demise if they hadn’t heard from us in 24 hours, we set off.

Getting into the building was hard enough. The doors were hidden, and seemed to repel us, as if to say, “No, don’t come near! Danger! Turn away before it’s too late!” Given that we are college students, we ignored the warnings to our health, instead forging ahead with our chosen activity for the evening. After crossing over the threshold, we heard a piercing, high-pitched whine. Neither of us could identify the source of the sound, or what it was for.

We walked through the first floor, each step taking us deeper into the hallway, yet the hallways seemed to stretch out longer with every step. There was no sunlight. No windows. All of the doors were closed. Where were we again? What were we doing here?

Oh, exploring Terrill. For the Water Tower. That’s right. We turned to our left, and there was a giant painted bull. How hadn’t we noticed it before? “Story of Cow Parade,” a sign next to the Bull reads. Looking back at the bull, now it has a graduation cap and gown on. “Was that there a second ago?” I ask my roommate, turning to her. There is no one next to me. Did someone come in with me? Have I been here alone the whole time? Wait, how long have I been here?

Move on, it’ll be okay, I tell myself. Further down the hallway I go. One door is open, but behind that door is just more doors. Posters are the only form of decoration, all of them dated from years ago. I think? I- yeah I know what year it is.

A sign in front of me reads “leave any belongings in this room? Stop by Terrill 102 to retrieve them!” I have a goal now. Get to Terrill 102. I go up the stairs–or did I go down? Either way, I’m on the first floor now. 

Room 150, 140, 130. I come across another sign sending me to Room 102, this is good. Clearly these are clues to the mystery of Terril. I must be a good investigative journalist, it’s the only option. Room 120, 110, 100—wait, where is Room 102? Why can’t I find Room 102?

Water Tower readers, I don’t know how long it’s been, or what happened to the person I may have come in with. I think I hear someone else in the building, but I’ve yet to see anyone. And for all of the doors to this place, I can’t find an exit. Sometimes, I think I’m nearing one, but I’ll hear this whine, and I just turn away. The whine sounds dangerous. I shouldn’t go near it. 

I don’t know if this message will reach you. If it does, stay away. Don’t risk Terrill.

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