now boarding: the dudley h. davis center

by ljmontgomery

Picture this: your sweaty hands are gripping a boarding pass, you have your favorite sneakers on. You’ve dressed in layers, knowing that you might get chilly on your next flight. 

In the airport, (or the Davis Center), you’re either in one of two modes: man on a mission (Class in 8 minutes! Better run!) or you’re simply killing time. Either way, these mimic the two modes you may have in an airport: fight or flight mode, rushing to your gate, or leisure mode, when you’ve got a 5 hour layover in Detroit. 

cedulie benoit-smith

Something one of my best friends and I have been saying for years now is that your airport fit is important. Interestingly enough, you know what fit is also important? Your Davis Center outfit. Welcome to the Davis Center, Where You Will See Everyone You Know. Yes, that’s everyone– freshman year professors you’d rather not think about, your ex-partner, your best friend– chances are they’re in the Davis Center. 

The more I’ve thought about it, the more the parallels between the Dudley H. Davis Airport (Airport code: DHD) seem to light up like airport runways. 

The real dream would be an on-campus airport. Interested in a NYC weekend getaway? Dying to get home to see your family on the West Coast? DHD to SFO flight is now direct for the holiday season! In that case, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

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