happy shrooms

by sara

Birch: Welcome to our show Shroobies and Doobies, I’m Birch and this is Ash.

Ash: Hello, and on today’s episode we have the lovely Bob Ross.

Bob: (puffs a joint) Hello, my happy little trees.

Birch: Bob is an artist known for his show The Joy of Painting with viewers of all ages and all over the world. How do you feel about having this impact?

Bob: It’s nice knowing I’m delivering comfort to those who may need it. It’s something I wish I had in my life– and of course to prove that anyone can paint.

Ash: So Bob, question of the night– why you’re really here, we want to know your opinions on medicinal uses of drugs such as LSD, shrooms, and marijuana.


Bob: (reclines, wisping through his beard) That’s a great perspective Ash. I do believe they should be used medicinally, I don’t think people will jump on the bandwagon for it, but if it’s scientifically proven to improve wellbeing, then that’s what should matter. Understandably, it’s not for everyone… Let’s take the time frame of the 1950s to the 1970s, LSD was used to treat patients to relieve various disorders such as anxiety and depression but also psychosomatic diseases and addiction. 

Birch: But the media had spread lies about LSD.

Bob: Correct, Birch, this jeopardized the use of LSD being used recreationally, wreaking havoc amongst people.

Ash: Bob, were you one of those kids that always had a joint in their hand?

Bob: (laughs his mystical laugh) I won’t lie, Ash, I was one of those kids– still am one of those kids (waves his half smoked joint). I did all the shit, man.

Ash: And did it help? You fighting in the military, that must have taken your mind off things.

Bob: Death is not a friendly site. For us, we used different drugs to cope, mainly weed and occasionally someone would drop a shroom or two. It’s also where I picked up painting, to help me relax.

Ash: Shrooms, how’d they begin to test that?
Bob: It really started in the 60s, lots of military testing advertised it as a drug to help with PTSD? Of course it was flocked to. At the end of the trials, there were many reports that the drug had helped change their lives for the better. But let’s face it, magic mushrooms have been used for a very long time; it’s an ancient drug that was used for its “spiritual power” and said to have possibly aided in human evolution.

Ash: Thanks for the history lesson, Bobby. To conclude the show, there’s a question for you sent in from Autumn E. from Tucson, Arizona and it’s “Hi Bob, love your work, what is your choice of smoking receptacle?”

Bob: Great question, Autumn… I think I’ll have to go with the classic joint, quite neutral but I have tried an apple before, that’s pretty smooth.

Birch: Oh, it’s time to BeReal!

Ash: Thanks for joining us in today’s episode of Shroobies and Doobies, sponsored by Jacquline Green, Winter Survival Lawn Food Fertilizer.

Birch: Everyone say Maui Wowie!

Ash: One last question from Birch and I– is it true that each of your paintings depict your murder scenes?

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