terror cards

by emmaburns

What is the Tarot card you need right now based on your deepest fears?

A: Being alone. I am afraid I will always be lonely. That I will always be on the edge, and never a welcomed member. More than anything, I worry that I won’t be loved or that I won’t have a meaningful long-term connection. What if there’s just nothing worthwhile about me?

B: Being a failure. I worry that I won’t achieve anything notable or worthwhile. I feel like my peers are miles ahead and are on a path to success. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m afraid I will never find my trajectory. How will I amount to anything important?

C: Making the wrong choice. There are so many options and paths ahead of and behind me. What if I regret my decisions? What if there was a better choice that I could have made? What if I cause myself to miss out on happiness or opportunity? I don’t want to live with regret.

D: Myself. I don’t know who I am or what I want. I feel trapped in time and I don’t know how to move forward. Sometimes I worry that I am hollow, that I am not an individual. I miss my sense of self and I don’t know if I can ever find it again.

Your Card…

A- The Lovers. Yes, this is a card about relationships and love. But it is just as much about the relationship and love you have for yourself. This card symbolizes harmony. Are you balanced? Who do you spend your time with? Ask yourself if you are fighting for love or attention from others. Maybe it’s time to cut those people out. By removing draining relationships we make space for the ones that can make us feel whole. Leave situations and people that make you uncomfortable. Set boundaries. Ask that one kid in class you really enjoy talking with to hang out. Join a club or organization that speaks to your interests. Compliment people’s clothes and jewelry. Play your favorite music in the shower. Know that by simply being alive you are worthy of love and connection. It’s out there for all of us.

B- Queen of Cups. She’s dreamy, she’s romantic, she’s kind. We all need this card’s energy in our life. What makes you happy? What are the small moments of your life that fill you with warmth? Notice your joys and work to understand their patterns. Success is not one thing. For one person it’s the publication of a novel, for someone else it’s the flowers in their garden or choosing the perfect paint color for their bedroom. Chase after what makes you curious. Surround yourself with what you find beautiful. Work to separate yourself from the idea that achievement has a specific look. Feel your emotions and romanticize whatever you want. When you open yourself up, possibilities you never even considered begin to present themselves.

C- Eight of Swords. You feel it is safer to do nothing at all than to step forward and potentially hurt yourself. Because you keep your eyes so tightly shut you can’t even see that there is a safe way forward. Life is a series of choices. It is impossible to not regret some of them. But there is always another step ahead of you and you know so much more now than you did before. Think of all the fun, wonderful, exciting moments of your life. You got there despite the regret. Take your chances, and pursue what feels right even if it scares you. Life is full of uncertainties. Trying to protect yourself from the unknown creates more grief in the long run. Make those jumps and trust yourself.

D- Death. This is the card of transformations. There is change coming and with it new life. When you feel like you have lost yourself, instead of wallowing in the distress of that feeling, use it to build yourself up again. You don’t know what you like? This is the perfect opportunity to try as many new things as possible! Try and cook new meals for yourself. Get a library card and read as many books as you can. Dye your hair a new color every week. Take a class on something you know nothing about. Do the thing you never got to do as a child. Not everything will stick, but the more you explore, the more you will find to love about life and yourself. We are always changing. Lean into it.

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