salem witch stupidity

by mattmcgotty

There comes a moment in most American students career where they learn the word “crucible,” a time in which they read the 1953 play of the very same name, because where else would someone hear such a stupid word. Any. Masshole should know this well, not only learning about the Salem Witch Trials was an event that would find itself in conversation come autumn, but the disappointment of discovering a shocking lack of actual bewitchment.

Yes, after finding out Santa was nothing more than Mommy’s tax returns, this was the final confirmation that nothing was sacred and Twitches movie was likely just a reference to the Mowry sisters’ struggle to find acceptance as actresses with Tourettes Syndrome. In spite of the historic contributions of the 6th state, Massachusetts has generally taken the back seat for any events that don’t include SPORTSTM. Naturally, this has led the state to milk various tragedies that hold more significance for what they have contributed to the Bostonian’s self-serving narrative than anything else. From the Boston Massacre to the Boston Bombing (which average 4 people killed), if there’s a T-Shirt to sell, there’s a story to tell! It should then come as no surprise that in Salem come October, the parking for a local becomes a trial in itself.

kay sheeger

Thanks to the modern innovations of science and common sense, should these innocent lives be scrutinized in the name of the hind-
sight bias? Considering ‘the Crucible’ was written during the 50s as an allegory to ] the Red Scare that had destroyed the lives Americans everywhere under miniscule ramblings of Communism, no. This link between two seemingly unrelated events in history demonstrate no matter how much information society has been given, operating through authority disguised as righteousness is the American way!
And besides, if Salem can name its minor league baseball team after the meaningless death of 25, there is nothing protecting humans from the susceptibility to mob mentalities. Go witches!

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