it is goblin season


As the winds grow colder, and the leaves leave
the trees, I simply say, “nyeh!”. This fall is Goblin
Season!!!! Don’t be the only one in your friend
group without a Magnanimous Treasure, or a
Colossal Hoard, with Coins and Plunder aplenty.
Everybody Wants to Be a Goblin Right Now.
Here are 5 trickerous ways to Be more of a
grubby Little Goblin this Fall:

  1. Lurk. You will be Easily spotted if you do not
    Lurk. Caverns, caves, and crevices are all crafty
    places for the Modern Trickster.
  2. Use more Riddles. Always Gatekeep; Block
    doorways With only the answer to a Devious
    riddle to Unlock your slick Hinges.
  3. Steal your Friend’s’s useless trinkets and Distribute them Randomly. Family photos, baby Teeth, and urns– watch your peers scrounge and scrap, and have a hearty little Goblin Laugh while you’re at it!
  4. Every Time you Take something, say “I’ll be Having that!”Heheh. This perfect Little catch- phrase is sure to alleviate tensions., Especially if you like to Take things. Here is an example for when to use this phrase.
    Tom: I can’t.
    Elizabeth: You can’t? How do you think I feel? For 15 years, every compromise we’ve made has cost me. And I keep on giving, and for 15 years you were my blood, and my flesh, and my religion. And you are insatiable. I will never be enough for you. If you held yourself to the standard you hold me to, you wouldn’t be enough either. That’s it. Tonight, I’m taking off the ring.
    You (goblin): I’ll be Having that!
  5. Kill and Plunder the house of former Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Antisemites Get the Stick,,, and what Magnificent Riches she must have,, investigate Further.
    Happy Goblin Season!
freyja feeny

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