im scared

by katlipari

Halloween is a scary time of the year, but September is an even scarier time. Hous- ing. AH! Scared myself there. Anyway I am scared because I do not have a place to live next year! So here is my official application to be your roommate!

I’m Kat, I am a junior, Public Communications major with a concentration in Media and Journalism and I am minoring in math (weird right?). Now I am not going to bother you with the classic “I love to go out, but I also enjoy a night in” that you see on every Facebook post about finding roommates, because I’m not like other girls! I’m worse (this is a joke please don’t think I am serious and do not want to have me as a roommate because of that)!

grace jack

I consider myself a catch; great person to live with, never met someone funnier than me, I always refill the Brita and the ice tray, and I do my dishes immediately! What else could you ask for? Someone who provides entertainment? Done! I’ll bring my Wii! Someone who can get you in at one of your favorite brunch restaurants that will still remain unnamed in this paper for the sake of my job? Done!

I know you are probably thinking, “ok, but how cool is she?” and to that I say, so cool… in fact I have multiple famous TikToks, what could be cooler than that? Nothing! To address your next question, yes I am! That question obviously being “okay but is she an ordained minister?”

But how relatable is she? Great question, keep asking questions, keep being curious! In case that one flew over your head, that was a reference to a TikTok audio. I am so relatable I will probably understand most niche references that you might say, some of which may include: “door city over here,” “that’s not a camel, that’s my wife!” and “it’s on the box! The pictures on the box! It’s a Japanese garden.”  If I sound like your gal, hit me up! As much as I am about clout, I am not going to put my personal information on here, so feel free to hit up my UVM email… K bye luv u

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