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by oliviaconti

I came into watching “Don’t Worry Darling” (directed and written by Olivia Wilde) only knowing about the behind the scenes drama. Quick overview on the drama: Basically, it all started with a lot of speculation surrounding Florence Pugh’s lack of promotion for the film.

Florence is known for always promoting all her work, and she originally was very excited about this film. There was lots of buzz about Harry and Olivia being all over each other on set. Rumor has it that Olivia had an absurd amount of absences from shooting, and then some stuff happened with Shia Leboeuf. Then Florence and Olivia had supposed “disagreements” during the shooting of DWD. Florence skiped the Venice Film Festival and went from loving Olivia to reportedly refusing to make eye contact with her. Then theres the best rumor of all was Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine, but Chris Pine kiboshed that rumor.

So, I showed up to the movie theater ready to watch “Don’t Worry Darling” and was hyped up over all the cast drama. It never struck me that I didn’t even really know what the movie was about.

A while back I saw the trailer but completely forgot about it and only could tell you about all the drama explained to me on Tik Tok, and that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were starring. I honestly don’t really know what I was expecting. It was so much scarier than I thought, holy shit! I remember someone telling me that it was some sort of horror/psychologi- cal thriller/mind fuck movie, but, since I mainly associated the movie with Harry Styles, I didn’t think the movie could be that scary. There is just something about Harry Styles being scary didn’t seem pos- sible. Like it’s Harry Styles. He sings songs about fruit and love and wears happy glittery and colorful outfits. So seeing him as this creepy controlling man was not a slay at all. It was very disorienting for me as a viewer.

*Spoilers Alert*

kay sheeger

If you’re seeing this movie just because you’re hyped about Harry Styles and the silly celebrity drama, and don’t care for scary movies, maybe stay clear of “Don’t Worry Darling.” Harry’s character ending up to be an incel was actually hilarious though. I would argue that “Don’t Worry Darling” could be considered a comedy just because one of the most popular singers today who is very well known for his looks was casted in a movie to be an absolute loser is awesome. But I also did not laugh once the entire time and was on the edge of my seat, shaking. I still don’t stan “Don’t Worry Darling” but I don’t know I guess I liked that part of the movie. Harry and Florence also made for a very iconic couple so I enjoyed that too. I still don’t recommend it. But this is also coming from someone who gets spooked easily so do with that what you will. One of my roommates also saw “Don’t Worry Darling” and was shocked that I thought the movie was scary. So I’m not sure if me thinking this movie is scary or not? I could very much just be a wimp.

*Spoilers Stop*

I also hate to say this but Harry Styles acting was very meh. Florence Pugh obvi- ously slayed and really carried the movie. Anywho the movie was worth to check out like I’m glad I can say I saw it, but also you totally would not be missing out if you didn’t see it, but then again what does my silly opinion matter anyway?

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