world premiere of uvm: season 3

by ljmontgomery

Hi cats and kittens! It’s a brand new season, and us cats are showing up for it this year, in a big way! This new year was full of promise. Luckily, a few things from last season didn’t make the cut– looking at you, masked classes– and there have also been some major upgrades.

Jeanne mance had a long two year hiatus, and she is thrilled to be back in the game for season 3.

“jeanne became quite depressed after losing all of her residents back in 2020, and it has been so great to see the spring back in her step, ” says a close source.

Jeanne herself told the water tower that it’s been so great to “feel like herself again.

“with the class of 2026 on cam- pus, lots of things have been happening. They started off their year with a bang by having–yes, you guessed it– live, in- person orientation.

The water tower had the honor of speaking with a few special cats. “it was fun, but also a little over- whelming, ” reports incoming freshman gutterson fieldhouse.

“class? Who is she! I’m just here for the vibes. And the tunes. I have a gig coming up on friday, you should totally pull up. ” reports freshman john harris. Harris’ twin brother, millis, chimed in: “sorry, i gotta run before the grundle closes. Oh, by the way, are you gonna finish that yerb? I could use a little pick me up. ”

i then had the chance to speak with tina trinity herself, a forestry major from walla walla, washington, who reported that she has been loving taking long walks this semester, as well as bending the rules around what constitutes “dinner”.

Stay tuned, cats! The season has merely just premiered and we have a whole host of characters, surprises, and maybe even a few plot twists in store.

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