twilight: the awakening

by et

I awaken, pushing stiff blankets off my body. I glance around the room, averting my
eyes from the harsh beams of sun streaming from open blinds, reflecting on the steril floor. I am in a hospital? I wondered, panic slowly bubbling in my throat, Was I asleep? That’s not possible, I reassure myself; I haven’t
slept since becoming a vampire – obviously.
Something strange is going on. I decided to solve
this perplexing situation by sitting quietly and
doing nothing, as per usual.

One voice cuts through the general chatter
from the hallway. Edward is here. Everything will
be okay; he’ll know what to do.
“Edward!” I manage from a parched throat. Sudden, suffocating silence flows into my room from outside, but Edward does not come. I lick my lips preparing to cry out again, but then a dark figure appears in my doorframe.
“Edward, what’s going on? I – ew why do you look like that?” He is old.

“Uh Bella,” his voice trails off, “ I probably
shouldn’t be the one to break the news to you, but
you’ve been in a coma after being hit by a truck sliding on ice.”

“No, you saved me with your super vampire strength,” I laugh.

“My…vampire strength?” Edward takes a small step backwards, glancing towards the door like he was hoping for reinforcements to arrive.

“Yes. You saved me and I figured out you were a vampire. We fell in love and you and your siblings fought the vampire armies and the Voltary with
the help of the werewolves. You finally turned me after I almost died giving birth to our halfvampire half-human daughter Renesmee who grew up in seven years and had magic powers like you and me too. But Jacob imprinted on her, but
apparently it wasn’t sexual or you would’ve killed
him for me. Romantic right?”

Edward does not speak for a while, seem-
ingly trying to melt into the linoleum. “What the fuck?” he finally whispers, “Vampires, werewolves, magic powers? Bella, I should get the
doctor. You need help.”

I bite my lip in the way I know he likes. “We’re married. You should come here in-
stead” I say, dropping my voice to a seductive whisper. Edwards’ golden eyes widen; he runs from the room.
Minutes, maybe hours, pass before I see Edward again. Doctors and nurses came and went, but no one matters but him. Finally, he returns with a few others in trial. A woman speaks, “Bella … Hi. Good to see you.”

“Who are you?” Oh, she laughs uncomfortably, “im jessica. Your best friend.”

“No, we are not friends anymore. I spent all my time and attention on edward and anyways, we stopped hang- ing out after you thought i was going to go with those motorcycle men. I had to do dangerous things to see ghost edward.”

“I think im going to faint,” said edward from the corner.

“Get it together; she’s going through something” the Jessica girl whispers.

“Edward, i beg, you know me. You remember! I know you do. Please just admit were vampires. We’re together for all of eternity, unless we are ripped apart and set on fire.” Edward gags. Jessica rubs his shoulder and gives him a tender look that makes my skin crawl and stomach twist with jealousy.

Hands off my man, bitch. Ill bite you, i think, bearing my teeth. They do not react. I try again, “you care; youre here after all!”

Jessica sighs, “honestly Bella”… Her voice trails off and she glances towards Edward for help.

“We come every year, he continues. Our expenses and anything we buy for you, he puts you in finger quotes, we can right off on our taxes. And, plus it’s nice to get away from life and the kids for a bit its nostalgic, in a way, to come back to forks.” Jessica is nodding along a little too much.

“When you say our kids… You don’t mean you and jes- sica… Do you?”

“Yes,” he answers, meeting my eyes for the first time.

“No… No! We’re soul mates!” She takes his arm and begins leading him out of the room.

“No, hes mine you mother fucker!” I grab a vase of flowers from behind my bed desperate to bash her head in. My vampire strength is gone. I fall to the floor.

“Your muscles have atrophied. Bella, we had like one conversation in biology. Im sorry, but this is insane. Youre unstable. I know this must be hard, but im not going to let your delusion hurt my wife. This is the last time you will see either of us.” Edward takes Jessica’s arm and they leave. “Im your wife!”

“Your immortal vampire wife! It is no use, he is gone.” Darkness closes in around me. I discovered him, not myself in highschool. I am nothing without him.

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