general complaints

by katlipari

“Wow Kat, another listicle… how brave” ok shut up let me live. I would like to
attribute this article to a tweet I saw from @chunkbardey “wish i didn’t love to
complain but unfortunately i’m just really good at it. who am i to deny the world
my gift,” amen, couldn’t have said it better myself. I would like to preface this by
saying I am well aware of my privilege and in the grand scheme of things I have
nothing to complain about and I am so grateful for so many things, however if I
may complain, I will.
• Why can’t I mobile order Starbucks at Target, if you can scan my Starbucks
card on my phone, then why can’t I mobile order? Also looking at you
Barnes and Noble…
• Bikers, you want to bike on the road with the cars and yet you fail to obey
traffic laws? “Oh I’m on my bike so this stop sign doesn’t apply to me” get on
the sidewalk!! If I hit a biker, they’re done for, but if a biker hits a pedestrian
on the sidewalk, there’s some bumps and bruises but at the end of the day
everyone is fine. So for the sake of everyone get on the sidewalk.
• My dad thinks everything needs to be a phone call.
• Somehow I scratched off a freckle? And I started profusely bleeding.
• Let people sit at their jobs. No reason that cashiers need to be standing for
their 7 hour shift.
• People who refer to something as “the real world,” is this not real?
• Email. I don’t know how many times I have tried to unsubscribe from otter.
ai but every morning I wake up with an email from them.
• OH MY GOD when there’s an intersection, okay I can’t explain this well and
thus! A diagram!

• So I am the car trying to turn, as I have a green light! A green arrow sometimes even! But the other cars decided that it would make sense for all 493 of them to try to fit through a 30 second green light. BE REAL.
• Similarly, if you drive so obnoxiously loud I will personally remove your
muffler in the night. I am not sure if that is what makes the noise but I
HATE it.
• ALSO if you’re driving a motorcycle, moped, scooter, etc and you park in a
parking spot I hate you. Yes, that is where you are supposed to park according to the law, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! I’m circling the Gutterson garage for 45 minutes and I think there’s a spot and nope! It’s a stupid
little bike! • When someone spells bawling as in crying as ball, I feel no sympathy. “I was balling my eyes out…” oh so your eyes were basketballs? I don’t think so!
• Online “convenience fees” like if you’re paying a parking ticket online there’s
a fee that has the audacity to be called a convenience fee. If it’s convenient,
why am I paying for it? WHO are we convening, who has been convenied?
Not me!
• When someone says “it’s a personal preference” oh yeah? You mean exactly
what a preference is? PERSONAL? IS THAT WHAT YOU MEAN?
Please take none of this super seriously, although these are very real feelings I have, it is not the end of the world, more of a small inconvenience to me that I will find an outlet to complain about and then suddenly feel better after doing so. All I ask is that maybe keep these things in mind, more specifically the intersection one…

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