class of 2026 most diverse in history

by philbern

New and returning students began arriving on campus for the Fall 2022 term in early August. UVM continues to see strong enrollment numbers for undergraduates, graduate students, and medical students.

The undergraduate Class of 2026 was selected from more than 30,000 applicants for admission, setting a record and allowing the university to continue its efforts to diversify and raise the academic profile of the student body. Over the past two years, UVM has seen a surge of more than 60 percent in undergraduate applications.

“The quality of our first-year undergraduate, graduate, and medical students illustrates growing recognition of the university’s academic reputation among the very best applicants,” said President Suresh Garimella. “As we continue to appeal to top students seeking intellectual challenges and immersive learning experiences, UVM’s position among the most sought-after universities will continue to rise.”

Diversity is one of our chief strengths and our deepest core values in the state of Vermont, and we are proud to announce that the class of 2026 is UVM’s most diverse ever. Some statistics to drive home the point: Over 40% of students have a nose ring or septum piercing. Of those, almost half have dyed hair. 36% of the incoming class are former theater or marching band dorks. About the same percentage have a psychedelic tapestry hanging over their beds. Almost 35% exclusively smoke mid, with 20% only smoking indica because “Sativa makes me crazy anxious. Like, I feel like I’m not even in my own body and I freak out.” 16% were cyberbullies in middle school. Almost 15% mention that caffeine doesn’t actually effect them whenever they drink iced coffee. About 10% identify as straight, 10% as gay, and almost 70% identifying as bi. Of those identifying as bi, around half say that they would never consider relations with another of the same gender, but still, according to diversity chief Steven Stephenson, are “giving bi.” Of the remaining 10% identifying with various LGBTQANJ+(Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Ace, New Jersey, +) subgroups, 5% consider themselves incels, 3% self-identify as Juice Wrld fans, and 7% are French.

Understanding that this is the largest enrollment we have ever had, a huge point of pride for UVM and a major financial gift to Sodexo, the University is proud to say that 92% of on-campus students are housed. The Equity Committee has implemented the first of its kind “Mutual Aid Learning Community” with six students to a standard double in Harris-Millis and no dining plan, so as to promote creativity and communal reliance. The proceeds from what would have gone to dining plans for this community are instead redistributed to those in need, directly into the pockets of the Board of Trustees.

We have been planning for the bright futures of our students. Our analysts estimate that by the end of their sophomore year, 64% of current freshmen will smoke cigarettes. Only 20% will smoke American Spirits. Currently, 43% own a fake ID, while by the end of winter semester only 25% will. 

The statistics don’t lie. Despite only 2.3% students of color enrolled currently, as compared to 6.5% in 2017, a substantial drop (Catamount Data-Student Enrollment), this class of freshmen are UVM’s most internally diverse among the 81.2% of white Students. We can’t wait to see the various strengths they bring to the table and our community! Our differences are our power, and the various backgrounds and cultures that make up the University of Vermont ensure that its institutional reputation will only soar higher and higher. Go Cats and have a great semester!

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