playlist for the start of the semester

by catherinefauver

As we return to the unearthly place that is Burlington VT, I wanted
to unite this generation of UVM students with a list of anthems for the beginning of the semester. I hope that this encompasses your experience and guides you through the ups and downs of September 2022.

Here’s my playlist to guarantee you start your semester right:

  1. Crab, Alex G- Unless you’re coming from somewhere as
    crunchy as this godforsaken state, Crab can be the transitionsong to make you feel like rolling down a hill like a true Vermonter would.
  1. Breakaway, Art Garfunkel- I believe a touch of Art and/or Paul
    is essential for starting your semester if you make every life
    transition as nostalgic as I do. Alternatively, you can wait for
    a rainy day and listen to all of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and
    Thyme for the same effect.
  2. PURE/HONEY, Beyoncé- Let’s be honest, you need an actual
    club banger to prepare you for the frankly disturbing playlists
    that have been gracing Burlington basements over thelast few weeks. If you haven’t been listening to RENNAISANCE all summer, where have you even been??
  3. N/A
  1. Carrion, Fiona Apple- Fi Fi is so autumn to me, this is for the
    people who associate fall with jazz. This song is just fantastic.
  2. DIP N DRIP, COBRAH- another club banger, except CO-
    BRAH makes you feel like someone’s set your blood on fire. Great for walks up the pearl street hill when you’re 5 minuteslate to class.
  1. Paprika, Japanese Breakfast- Paprika is the perfect song for the
    end of summer, and just the perfect song. The gong makes me
    want to leap 10 feet into the air every time I hear it.
  2. Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome, The Mountain Goats- I
    think this song encompasses most of the college experience,
    emphasis on the wars. Less emphasis on the get rich, but we
    can all dream, can’t we?
  3. Why Should I Love You, Kate Bush- With the recent popular-
    ization of Kate Bush and the rage which it has created deep in my soul, I think the only thing I can really do to make the situation better is to spread the word of any songs other than Running Up That Hill. So here’s a great one, don’t take it for granted!

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