trisha and britney are pregnant!

by lucypowell

Arguably two of the most unhinged people on this Earth are going to be bringing to life a mini version of themselves. Those two people are none other than Trisha Paytas and Britney Spears. Trisha has confirmed that they will be having a baby girl and Brintey has been speculated to be posting hints that she is also having a baby girl! Trisha’s pregnancy actually comes at a surprise to not only their fans but to themselves as well. Trisha has been open about their struggles with conception and infertility due to their past medical history. Currently Trisha is about 20ish weeks along and Brintry is about 3 months along. So if I am doing the math correctly, these two babies will both be born around the Fall of 2022. 

eden ambrovich

Now for a little background information on these expecting mothers. Trisha Paytas started their career off on a YouTube channel; posting a wide variety of lifestyle vlogs, music videos for her own songs, and mukbangs under the username of “blndsundoll4mj”. As they gained a bigger following, Trisha expanded to working on OnlyFans and recording the podcast Frienemies with their co-host Ethan Klein. Overall Trisha has been a pivotal icon in many people’s childhood, such as myself. Growing up I would always be sure to be up to date with Trisha’s newest videos and drama. My favorite time in Trisha’s career was when they were releasing music, such songs include “Fat Chicks”, “I Love You Jesus”, and “Freaky”. As the years ticked on, it has become harder and harder to follow along with a lot of her drama and controversial behavior. Swapping topics to Miss Britney Spears! This pop sensation and absolute icon is one of the greatest singer- songwriters of all time, no arguments about it. Brintey has sold nearly 150 million records worldwide and is one of the world’s best selling music artists. Understandably so with her 9 studio albums and 48 singles. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I was raised by Britney music and plan to raise my children on her as well. This mother to be, is actually already a mother of two teenage boys! Overall, these two have done a lot so far in their lives and I am interested to see how they both embark on this next chapter in their lives. 

Personally, I will be one my toes for the next couple months. I strongly believe in reincarnation, so if I were to tragically pass on at some point before Trisha and Britney have their babies, I could be reborn as one of them. While I think this would be an interesting second life to live, I don’t think life in the spotlight is really the best for me. 

Despite their pregnancies, I was really hoping that these two dynamic artists would be the headliners for Springfest this year. I think it would have made for an interesting combo. I promise to push this idea for next year! Maybe the babies can join for the festivities! But for now, I send the best of wishes to these two moms and hope for healthy, happy pregnancies. 

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