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by wtstaff

The phone call is a lost art in the 21st century. We are dumb kids and while we are texting, we  never do what our mother says and, “just call them, make yourself known.” Here at The Water Tower, we have just discovered the that our Iphones have a telephone function, and decided to explore this ancient function. Through our explorations we have found many interesting numbers one can call for any number of uses. Here is a curated list of our favorite numbers! 

addison schwarz

For a good time call (802) 656-3370!! But for a bad time? Call (802) 656-2699.

My ex-girlfriend’s phone number is (936) 555-9721. Twitter, do your thing. 

Feeling lonely? (802) 862-0135

Need a light in your life? (802) 865-7300

If people ask you out a lot but you are happily committed: 212-479-7990

Wanna be gaslight? 605-475-696

Wanna talk to a really sexy person? [ur number here] 

Need a lady of the night? Call my friend dave’s hot mom! 647-987-5555

Empire Today (800) 588-2300

Need fashion advice? (877) 482-2430

Need Iphone? (800) 692–7753

Need Iphone? (888) 237-8289

Need lube? 1-888-299-2883

Need pizza in downingtown PA (610) 518-2226

Need Rug? 773-202-LUNA

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