interview: how’s your semester been?

by anonymoussloth

Are you starting to feel the back end of the semester hitting back? Cause I certainly am. Coming off the back end of the pandemic, getting to see the bottom half of people’s faces, having to walk by the pi statue every day, and fearing whether your department would be shut down; it’s been a long year.

And for some, this past semester decided it would be a good time to throw some obstacles in their way. My semester has been sprinkled with some unexpected and unfortunate injuries. To discuss misfortunes and mishaps this past semester, I sat down with my friend AnonymousDith; they might be one of the most unlucky people I know, almost as unlucky as me!

Hey, AnonymousDith! You won’t believe the semester I have been having!

“Oh no! I guess my semester has been pretty unlucky too-”

Well, I highly doubt you’re gonna be able to top my past few weeks! I got into a ski accident the week before spring break! I got a little more height on a jump than I was expecting and smacked my head into the ice! I even cracked my helmet!!”

“Oh yeah! I remember that… I fell on that jump too. I think I even concussed myself a little cause the following week I kept having really bad headaches and-”

OMG! Don’t even get me started on the headaches! I thought my head was gonna explode! It took me so much longer to bounce back into work after that! 

“Wow, I’m sorry that’s really a difficult situation to deal with right before bre-”

OH YEAH. I seriously couldn’t believe how unlucky I found myself! Only a few days later, I was going for a walk when a dog jumped out and BIT ME!

“Good lord! That’s so scary! What kind of-”

It was  SO uncalled for! It just cut me off in my path and bit me! SO RUDE! And it was a poodle… how embarrassing for me! Then student health services said I needed to go to the ER to make sure that I was evaluated for rabies!”


Yep. Rabies. So I had to drag myself over and get my cut evaluated. They even filed a police report about the dog, just in case anyone else gets bitten! The ER was crazy though! Like I can’t believe I can say I had to visit this year! Have you ever been to the ER?”

“Oh… ummm yeah. Actually a couple days ago I had to go…”

Oh. Really. Why? 

“I just got into a little altercation with a car, but I’m totally fine now!”

Wait, what do you mean you had an ‘altercation with a car’? Like did you hit someone else’s car with your car?

“Oh no. I was actually just going to cross the street and a car came out of my blind spot and hit me… I was all right but the police came by cause I guess I got pretty badly cut up from it.”

Hahaha oh no! That’s almost as bad as nearly getting rabies from a leased dog being walked by someone in suburban Vermont.

“Yeah, I suppose 1% chance of getting rabies is a lot worse that nearly getting murked right in front of the Waterman building…” 

Exactly! I’m so glad you see it that way too! Anyway, I can’t believe my luck to get TWO minor injuries this past semester! You’re so lucky that you were only hit by a car.

Anway, I thought I would just share this conversation I had with AnonymousDith because it really amplifies the injuries I have been dealing with this semester! But I always remind myself that god gives their hardest battles to their strongest warriors! Sometimes people, like AnonymousDith, get the easy end of things but I’d like to think these hardships will make me a stronger person! 

*All events in this story are true.

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