goblin metal is the next big thing

by d.ork

Throughout all of rock history, artists have been striving to transcend the human capabilities of music production. Artists of the metal genre are known for their impressive technique, sprawling complex song forms, and dark or gothic subject matter. This may seem difficult to produce with the capabilities of the average musician, but over time it became more and more repeated and less original. What do we need to breathe new life into the metal genre? What is the final key to unlocking the true capabilities of metal music, and reaching the limits of rock music in general? What will persuade the masses to join together in one epic wall of death (a variation on the mosh pit when a crowd forms two lines facing each other and run forward to produce an insane mosh)? It may be a little goblin called John Goblilkon.

emma burns

Goblikon is an author and musician originally from the goblin realm, a web of catacombs deep beneath the earth under what we call Los Angeles. There aren’t many like John Goblikon here on the surface, much less with musical careers. Goblikon is an inspiring performer, backed by a band playing what may seem on the surface as average death metal. Once you see the performance, anyone can see that it is much more than average. Goblikon is not solely a musician however, he also wrote a self-help book in 2019. John Goblikon’s Guide to Living your Best Life has a 5/5 rating from Target, among other esteemed sources. Goblikon also hosts a hit daytime talk show, Right Now! With John Goblikon, which interviews many important figures in the good music scene, such as Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Boreland. Truly a renaissance goblin, John has done it all. Most likely he will go down as one of the most talented and famous goblins in history.

The music of Nekrogoblikon is as extreme as the subject matter. I would be lying if I said I understood the words being sung, but I can feel the power in the rapid drum beats, the intricate riffs, the epic guitar solos. It doesn’t have to be poetry, but it does rock. For fans of metal, this is the real deal. On stage they get their feet up on the monitor, for balance and to establish the power dynamic with such a stance. Unassuming to most until John Goblikon shows up; he doesn’t play anything or sing, and he acts as what I would call a “hype goblin.” Regardless, there aren’t many artists who would bring such a creature on stage with them. I have not had the pleasure of seeing them in person, this information comes from videos and extensive general research, but they are opening for G.W.A.R at higher ground this summer so feel free to join me in the pit.

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