air bud to be in fishnets (coming summer 2023)

by owencarpenter-zehe

In recent entertainment news Disney recently announced they are bringing back one of their original stars. They are bringing back the OG Basketball playing golden retriever, Air Bud! This time we will be seeing him in a whole knew light; he will be seen singing alongside the greatest of song and dance men of our generation, in a world famous musical! 

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In a recent announcement Kareem Daniel Chairmen of content at Disney, he stated “Air Bud has been in the shadows for too long. It is time for his children, the Air Buddies, and the MVP, the most valuable primate, to step aside for the original face of the Air Bud brand. We are so excited to announce that a new Air Bud movie is in the works! Directed by Martin Scorsese, this time he will be dabbling in the realm of musical theatre! Next summer audiences will see Air Bud singing along side Richard Gere in the world famous musical Chicago!”

The film will follow Air Bud, recently retired from Basketball, and looking fior a new outlet and depressed. Richard Gere is in the same boat, as he has not been in a successful movie since 2013. One day at a dog park, where richard goes to think, he sees Air Bud silently howling to himself. Inspired by the soulful tune of this animal, Gere is struck with an idea to partner up to perform musicals. What follows is Gere and Air Bud, beginning in community theatre, slowly toppling the musical theatre establishment, and rising to the peak of the profession. The film culminates in Gere reprising his award winning role of Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago. Along wiith Air Bud, clad in fishnets, starting as the titular Velma Kelly. The movie ends with them both winning the Tony, but the real award for them is the friendship, purpose, and happiness they found along the way. 

The film is set to come out on Disney Plus Summer 2023, with it coming to VHS tape the following month. There will also be a CDrom game, and a typing game coming out with the VHS tape. 

 Kareem Daniel concluded his statement with, “this is hopefully the beginning of a brand new era for Air Bud and Disney as a whole! We believe that the future of our company is dogs and aging stars, and this is the first step towards our brand new future!”

As a brilliant entertainment writer and culture critic, my opinion is law on this matter and this is the part of the article where i give my opinion. Air Bud rules, and you should be excited to see Air Bud in this whole new venture! I mean hes a god who plates basket ball, and now he sings!! Like what? You should watch it when it comes out. Be on the lookout for this movie, it will change your life.

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