the next development in feminism: real sorority girls of vermont

by mattmcgotty

           Unique circumstances have driven me to my ultimate calling in life. There’s no denying the efficacy of the Bechdel Test: measuring the level of feminism through women’s ability to hold discussions without the mention of men is an exceptional way of examining fiction. But there is something undeniable about the portrayal of the women of the Real Housewives.

           To a skeptic, a show starring middle aged women searching for purpose in life through petty squabbles at lavish dinner tables seems no more than an exploitative attempt to showcase the worst America has to offer. Reality television first and foremost exists to tell a story, taking events that occurred and portraying them in a cohesive way in order to elicit a desirable response from the viewer. With that in mind, there’s nothing that a bit of perspective can’t do to help reframe the absolute genius of the show. There is no denying that many of these successful women would be nothing without a little generational wealth and pretty privilege. But there is nothing wrong with viewing these shows as a mere platform to observe people who have enough free time on their hands to concern themselves with arguments that give the viewer the power to act as an educated third party in the amidst the drama. Who doesn’t love talking shit?

           Deep in my thoughts, I stayed wondering how the magic of this show could be captured on the local level. Very quickly I recognized that what I admire about housewives finds its way into the culture of a Sorority. Gaudy events that always end in someone’s misfortune? Women forced to get along for the sake of a collective goal? The bourgeoisie? Check, check, and check (Not to be confused with the numerous payments to various organizations required by those apart of Greek life).

           Regardless of your perception on either group, women support women. Much like the age-old discourse on body modification in the name of beauty, who are we to decide what is the acceptable road for women to wander down? They were never asked to be born in a world that has drastically altered their perception of the world and themselves, what is the harm in allowing them to take the necessary steps to assimilate in ways that they best see fit? We as a society must recognize the unique circumstances that have led women and other marginalized groups into the various social dynamics, they have taken refuge in. We are still breathing the air that oppressors, both then and now, have inhaled; creating a world that simultaneously holds women to an unmeasurably altered standard that expects such poise, yet undermines their seemingly frivolous attempts to religiously follow these norms placed on them.

           500 words does incapsulate the scope of the sociological phenomenon, but it is clear neither housewives nor sorority girls are going anywhere anytime soon. As a result, we’re better off acting as witness to these events, and see what these fabulous women have to teach us.

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