different types of love you see on valentine’s day

By lucypowell

I’ve never been a fan of the big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s one of my many faults, but I do love the minor holidays, especially Valentine’s Day! I understand that I might be alone in this opinion as someone who has never celebrated a Valentine’s Day with a significant other. But I do have a loving mother and grandmother! Every year, without fail, I receive a small package from each of them! This year my Grandma, Babi, sent me a box of chocolates for myself and my roommates. My mother took a different approach this year and sent me a bunch of new undies for Valentine’s Day- so romantic of her! This year I decided to take a journalistic approach to Valentine’s Day and make it my mission to observe the many different types of love displayed on Valentine’s Day. 

The first type of love that is typically observed this day is The Instagram Lovers. These couples feel the need to post every single picture they have ever taken in their dumb relationship onto our Instagram feeds. Despite how frustrating these posts can be, I do enjoy seeing who is dating who and who is not dating who. 

My personal favorite type of love can be classified as The UPS Lover. To me, this type of love is that of a mother, a father, a Grandma, an Aunt, or maybe even a sibling. These lovers express their love by sending packages of chocolate, stuffed animals, cards, mugs, and candy-hearts. And sometimes, if your family loves you a lot, you might even receive a crisp 20 dollar bill in your package. 

The next type of love I see everywhere on Valentine’s Day is The Bibulous Lover. As defined by Merriam Webster, bibulous is an adjective to describe someone who is “fond of alcoholic beverages”. Usually I just call these people alcoholics but bibulous is so much more fun to say! These types of lovers can be seen either drinking away their sad, lonely feelings or celebrating their singleness with their other single friends. Whatever they are celebrating or mourning, these lovers are crazy, unstable, and unhinged. So beware.

The last type of love that I would hope for everyone to see on this national day of love is The Love of Oneself! Other people come and go, and you can have as many significant others as you want but no one will be there for you the way you should be there for yourself. So I hope if you were single this Valentine’s Day, you at least celebrated the gift that is you! Awww, I’m so sweet!

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