the future is female

by madgakmiecik

The most controversial species on the planet, the man. Whether you love or hate the
creature, I’d like to inform you that males may cease to exist. It turns out that in about 10
million years, the Y chromosome will dwindle into oblivion. A small price to pay for the
rectification of humanity. With advances in science, women will have all the capabilities to
create the next generation. So if climate change doesn’t wipe us out, what would we really
need men for at that point? I present to you a couple of thought-provoking concepts about
the necessity of man, or actually lack thereof.
There is a promise of a future where we can normalize taking a midnight stroll
without carrying mace! No need to create a make-shift knife with keys when walking to the
car. It almost seems too good to be true.
As the saying goes, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Finally, there will be
no men to take the credit. Women, getting the recognition they deserve. As they should.
Spearheading the economy, political climate, and healthcare accessibility. I see no downfall,
rather the rise of an empire. A utopia.
Honestly, they are just becoming more and more questionable. It really would be a
man who proposes with a ring lined with thorns and justifies it with “love is pain.” Or just
have the audacity to have an opinion on a women’s right to autonomy. Absurd.
Furthermore, we as a society could eradicate a lot of unnecessary beliefs. Like the
phenomenons of misogyny or gender roles. All of which have certainly stumped the growth
of former females. Although these social constructs still exist, modern day women are paving
the way for those leaders that will come up in the next 10 million years. Already dominating
every aspect of life with their brilliance and creative ideas. While men…have this syndrome
called toxic masculinity. It really prohibits them from making any kind of social progress, too
bad there isn’t a cure.
In fact, in light of the pandemic, let us reflect on the countries with female president’s.
Most of which had some of the lowest cases of COVID during peak season. Am I making my
point clear?
The two X’s encoded in an individual’s DNA defines a more tolerable and holistic
form of being. I think the universe recognizes that. For time is a warrior, battling the years
whilst running towards the light at the end of the tunnel which is in the form of a female
dominated future.
Anyways, I think I should let you know that there is a discrepancy with the removal of
the Y chromosome that precedes the process to an all-women paradise. Nothing to worry
about but there could be a chance that men can still exist. Just for a little. But they would not
be able to reproduce so basically they would just slowly fizzle out. At last, harvesting the
fruits of our beloved women’s labors. It’s mother nature’s wish after all, natural selection

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